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New Construction Technique to Eliminate Slums
Windows Installation The Insulation-Industry for existing Houses is called a  „Sleeping GIANT“ because the Potential is incredible huge  One of the greatest energy saving potentials lies in the insulation of existing Houses  SOTA-DOMUS has the best Insulation-Technology  Houses insulated with Sota-Domus technology actively contribute to climate protection and do not have to be painted again   Sleeping GIANT
Sample House - Project: ENYA DESERT-VISION We present the largest and most unusual  Solar-Project ever. High lights: 4 Solar-Mirror Fields each 4x4km - 16km2 total Area 64 km2 Electrical output 3.84 GW - equal to 4 Nuclear-Power Plants Drinking-Water production from sea water: 1.7 million m3 / day Fruit and Vegetable production under the mirror fields  300,000 tons / year Additional Living-Space under the mirror fields of 20.000 People When the Monster come Refugee Technology A safe home - fast, inexpensive, long lasting Housing-First Project Giving Homeless People back their Dignity Energy4Africa A completely new Approach to  Clean Energy in every Village in Africa Living on the Water RE-FUEL The ultimate Fuel, which binds more CO2 than is produced during combustion That means Mobility without Regret The fuel that will replace all other fuels  ... on Land, Water and in the Air BREAKING NEWS UAE Sample Project Description of a SOTA-DOMUS  Productions-Factory Contact Dipl. Ing. Gerd Niemöller Inventor & Independent Scientist Personal Statement
The complete SOTA-DOMUS construction technology is designed from the beginning so it can be produced fully automatically. The ultimate target is: The production of a house from the first drawing with the customer, through fully automatic production, to automatic set-up. The SOTA-DOMUS construction technology is the only construction technology that fulfils the infinite flexibility required to take full advantage of the new digital "industry 4.0" benefits.
NEW PALISTINA  - a humanistic, feasible Vision In   this   short   film   we   would   like   to   show   one   of   our   favorite   Ideas    that   can   bring   Peace   and Prosperity   to   millions   of   people   and   two   Countries   -   the   only   thing   needed   is   the   WILL and the Technology  to do it. The technology we have...