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SOTA-DOMUS SWISS A Building Material like from another STAR SOTA-DOMUS Construction Technology a Technology ranging from Slum-Houses to Luxury Sky-Scrapers  High-Lights Unbelievably inexpensive Durable for many Generations No Maintenance of the Facades for Generations All-Inclusive Panels o No subsequent Insulation o No Plastering, o No Painting of the Facades 10 times faster Assembly  Quality Standards like in Industry -Construction defects close to ZERO Extreme Heat and Cold Insulation already from 250mm Wall Thickness - U-value 0.09 W/m²K Walls and Insulating Foam are Fire-Retardant Façades lasting for Generations - against extreme UV-Radiation, Sandstorms, Moisture and everything else Houses are safe from Termites House structure resists Earthquakes and Hurricanes  If necessary, walls with bullet-proof reinforcement Sustainability Requires 90% less material Materials mainly from recycled and regrowing Raw Materials House Materials are recyclable Due to a completely new material design, absolutely no construction Toxins are necessary The novel natural Building Materials ensure a healthy, comfortable living climate Newly developed Cooling and Heating Elements ensure an absolutely healthy, pleasant Feel-Good Climate Very low Energy Consumption due to the extreme Insulation against Heat and Cold Extremely low Resource Consumption Lowest Green Footprint ever - better than Wooden Houses!  Artificial Intelligence The whole System is ready for fully automatic, smart Production, directly from the Drawing to the Construction site In development is the fully automatic Assembly of complete Houses Visit our Websites and be Fascinated!