Our War against the Slums - Situation
Slum is the generic term for poverty, hunger, desperation, disease, violence, forced prostitution, crime - a hell on earth. Slums have many faces. To get a rough idea, we show here a few examples in different countries. At the moment about 1 billion people live in such human made hells. We will do everything we can to give these people a dignified life, as every human being is entitled to.
It   is   not   enough   to   provide   them   with   safe,   hygienic   and   comfortable   living   space,   but   they   need   good nutrition, education and a perspective in life. In order to help these people sustainably, completely new paths must be taken. The   very   renowned   "Bau-Haus   University"   has   developed   a   new   very   interesting   "Tini-House"   (mini   houses)   city, which, if adapted accordingly, would be exactly suitable for the transformation of slums. Together   we   will   develop   a   comprehensive   new   settlement   concept   that   combines   the   needs   of   former   slum dwellers in a completely new, multi-storey, integral city. A    concept    that    takes    into    account    the    diverse    needs    and    requirements    of    its    inhabitants    as    well    as    a completely new type of sustainable construction, according to the SOTA-DOMUS principle.